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Cyber Tips – Official/Unofficial

It is so simple that it is laughable.  

Create your ‘official’ email only used for ‘official’ business.  Create your ‘friends/family’ email for just friends and family.

Join sites using some invented name with some other email.  Mask your identity.  

If you do it right, no one knows if you are a man or a woman, if you live in the U.S. or Estonia, if you are 21 or 71.

Think of it;  how would anyone know anything about you? Your ‘official’ email doesn’t link to anything, nor does your family/friend email.  

Your Facebook account is under a nick with a crapmail account. Nothing links that crapmail account to you.  

No matter what appears in that Crapmail account, from ‘You won!”  to “Regret to Inform You” to whatever comes to mind, is rubbish.  So there is no way you can be duped.


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