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Cyber Tips – Mock Sites – 1

The Internet is jammed with millions of sites.  Moving away from fun sites and social interactive ones and those which are versions of hard copy, exposes sites which pretend to be ‘news’  or ‘science’ or have some relationship with reality.

Most of these sites are money making scams.  They are created and written by people who make bags of money from views.   

Jammed with Adsense and other such ‘commercials’  every view tosses a piece of a penny into a pocket.  As many of those who create these sites are aware that most who use the Internet are as tech saavy as those who watch television; dinner is served.

Let me put it like this.  

Anyone can turn on a television.  See how it is done the first time, and you can do it.  When you have one of those remotes, even a 3 year old can turn on a television, change channels, turn it off.  One needs no special training or skill.

Way back in the 1990s it was not that easy to operate a computer and get online.  It was not until Windows developed its ’95’  that even the most computer illiterate could point and click.

This means that the population of Internet Users consists of persons who have no more capabilities than those who can turn on a television set.


What do you think?


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