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Cyber Tips – Leave Quietly

We’ve all been on sites where something is not right.  

One of the easiest to spot are those which host hate speech.   Due to political correctness the hater doesn’t use  banned words but  chooses synonyms  which slide by.

Some are  ‘key’ words known to racists, anti-Semites, and other bigots.  Like a ‘secret handshake’  those words attract the pack.

Once you notice the Hate Speech, leave.

Firstly, to ‘alert’ the Mod or Admin is probably a waste of time.  The Hater is likely to be a Dual of Admin who is just dying for someone to object so they can slap some ‘title’ on the objector and ban him or her.

Secondly, to confront the Hater is a bad idea for the reason above.

Simply put, if this is your site you must know what is being published and must agree with it.  Hate speech is obvious to anyone who has some familiarity with reality.   The Admin or Mod agrees with it.  

If you want to object, find the advertisers and tell them.  

But tell them after you silently leave the site.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar

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