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Cyber Tips – Facebook – 4

Everything you post on Facebook is run over by trackers.  

If you mention a trip, various Travel Sites will be loading posts on your page. If you talk about some malady, that’s covered.  If you mention cars or televisions or lawn mowers, you’ll soon see ads filling your page.

It isn’t a coincidence you mentioned how much you always wanted to take a cruise and ad after ad for cruises appear.

Facebook makes billions of dollars selling your information.

Unlike T.V. ads in which it is assumed that if you watch certain programs you are in this age bracket and have these interests, Facebook KNOWS.

Facebook knows because it captures every keystroke, gathers every ‘target’ word.  

An advertiser isn’t guessing.  

You mentioned flying to Miami.  Here’s a special rate.

You mentioned replacing your dining room set; take a look at these.

There is no coincidence.   You are the victim of targeted posts.


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