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Cyber Tips – Escaping the Net

There are a few simple safety tips that can deter your account being hacked.

See it from the Hacker’s View.

Most people use a particular Browser.    Let’s say it is Chrome.  As a hacker you know that Browser almost as well as Google, its creator.  

As a Hacker, you find a few bits you can manipulate, and get a toe in.  Once you get that toe in, you put all your Hacker skill to use.

As a Hacker you go after a number of people at one time,  because unless it is personal or targeted, you can’t waste your time trying to hack someone who has nothing, knows no one, and only uses their account to read email.

So, going after a pile of users at one time, Hacker flings out the net, and catches Chrome.   People who don’t use Chrome escape

Using an unpopular Browser means you are unlikely to be caught in the Net.

So one of your first steps would be to do a search and download and use an unpopular Browser.


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