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Cyber Tips – Dating Sites – 8

Over time, more dating sites have become rat bags of scammers all going after each other.  

The handful of real people being honest is dwarfed by the population of hard core scammers looking for victims.

The guy who pretends to be a sexy 22 year old woman and hooks the 56 year old who sends her money to pay the rent, is old news

Older members who post their real images only make themselves targets for the young scammers.

When a dating site is limited to only those in a particular region or religion or ethnicity, the scam nature descends.  

If only those who live Miami can be members it is very easy to do an online search, check a phone book, do a drive by.

When one lives in Miami and the other claims to live in Dallas, it becomes a bit easier to scam.

Before you join a dating site, be aware of the dangers.


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