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Cyber Tips – Dating Sites – 6

The point of a dating site is to find someone you are compatible with.  This means a lot more honesty is required.

You can be on Facebook as Worf, or join Twitter as Deanna, but on a dating site your age/sex/ethnicity is significant. It is pointless to scurry too far from the truth on a dating site; for what’s the point?

It doesn’t help a 46 year old woman to find a possible match if she pretends to be 22.

This is why dating sites are prime targets for scammers.

On dating sites you have to get somewhere near the truth.  Sure, the 50 year old can claim to be 45 and the 200 pounder claim to weigh 180, but one can’t get too far from reality unless they are running a scam.

The average member of a dating site will give their real or close to real age, their particulars; race, height, religion, etc.    

A scammer would join with a catchy image and bag of lies so as to contact as many victims as possibles.

Over a short period of communication, if  the scammer has selected a real person s/he knows that this one is over thirty, that one lives in Mt. Vernon.  

As these are ‘possibles’  the scammer talks about jobs and activities as soon learns when this person will be out of the house.

Now all he needs to know is if she has anything worth stealing and if where she lives is accessible.


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