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Cyber Tips – Dating Sites – 4

The ‘Scott Grant’ scam should have set off alarms.  

A 19 year old Nigerian, connecting from a Lagos Cyber Cafe,  joined a dating site.  He claimed to be a 30 year old  American Peace Corps doctor ‘Scott Grant’, using the handsome photo of a male model.

He had dozens of females in love with him and asked each one to marry him.  Dates were set but  just before ‘returning’  to America for the wedding  Scott Grant would claim to have spent every cent he had trying to save little Ade’s life.

His fiances would send him the fare to fly from Lagos to wherever they were.   He’d claim to buy the ticket and advise them of his arrival.

Of course he never arrived, never contacted them again.

I heard about the Scott Grant scam before Oprah did.  I joined the same site, using a false name, a false picture, a false address, to be the bait and see how the game was played.


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