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Cyber Tips – Dating Sites – 3

Many scams are born on dating sites.  People get ‘close’ to you.   They have discussions.  If you reveal where you keep  the ‘spare key’  then they have an easy job of breaking in.  If you don’t, they’ll have to break in.

As they planned the break in before they joined the dating site, they know how to mislead.  Even if you have cameras watching the property it will still be difficult to  identify the intruder.  

The picture they used on the dating site, the description they gave of themselves will ‘disqualify’ them as suspect.

After all, Freddy lives in Manchester and is six feet tall and muscular.  The burglar was no taller than five eight and skinny as a stick.

There are many ‘tells’ on dating sites.  This ‘spare key’ scam is one of many.

What you should think, when you join a dating site is why would someone who lives so far from me correspond?

Sure, if you live in Brooklyn and the Other lives in Manhattan its an easy subway ride.  But why would a person who lives in Philadelphia read your bio, see your address and respond?


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