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Cyber Tips – Catch the Tricks – Mock Sites

There are many sites on the Internet which are just for a laugh.  They will publish the most insane things.

Jokers will paste the blurb from the Mock Site on Facebook, for example.  They’ll  get hit after hit after comment because there are people who actually believe the rubbish.

The name of the site is there, clearly anyone with half a brain would guess that the Babylon Bee is pure satire, yet people read the silliness and believe it.

I have a friend who can’t let a day pass without publishing something ridiculous.  Something so off the wall … YET.. people believe it.

He has hundreds of comments from die hard Trump supporter who prove their mental handicaps by responding to the rubbish as if it is absolute truth.

Always check the source of information before you join the ranks of fools.


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