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Cyber Tips – Catch the Tricks – Email

Don’t Delete!!” is the title or “Important Message!!”  or something that sounds urgent.  Often it is written, in all caps,  or bold, and something,  shoving your name into that heading.

If you know what I know, you’d delete it automatically.  

Every scammer tries to get your attention with some headline on an email that is designed to provoke a click.

It isn’t just some blah blah, many carry viri more deadly than Covid-19 and harder to get rid of.

Always look from where the email comes.  If you don’t know, toss it in the bin.   If it was important or urgent, you’d know who sent it to you before even clicking. 

You might receive a message from someone or some organisation that seems legit that might tell you to click on something; don’t.   Don’t even click on what you don’t know.

If you think an email comes from someone you know but aren’t sure, you email them before you open it, asking if they sent you…

in many cases they know nothing about it.   In many cases, it is a way to increase malware.


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Written by jaylar

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