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Cyber Tips – Browsers

If you do a search you will find the most popular Browsers are Chrome and Firefox.   Most people use them.

Years ago, when Internet Explorer was virtually the ‘only’ Browser most people knew, every wannabe hacker learned how to pull it apart and annoy decent people.

Everyone stopped using Explorer (called ‘Exploder’) and started to use whatever else there was.

Many people would buy a computer and as they connected to the Internet would immediately run to download some other Browser, and never touch ‘Exploder’ again.

Others learned the wisdom of having two or more  Browsers on their machines, just in case one gets messed up.

Those who have more than one Browser know that every so often one just goes into pause mode, so one opens another Browser and continues their lives.

Many people  use unpopular Browsers because it is unlikely anyone would create any kind of malware to target a Browser less than 3% of the world uses.


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