Cyber Mistakes You Should Not Mate – 48

There are different kinds of trolls.  The ones who are obvious are not a problem.  

The unobvious ones can be made obvious if you spend about 3 seconds in pause.

Imagine you are on a Star Trek discussion, could be anywhere, let’s say Facebook.   Someone asks you;  “What is your favourite episode?”

If you and the person were in discussion before about this and that and the other; okay.   If the question comes from someone you never recall communicating with, take the pause.

You can post your favourite if you want, and if the response is ‘Why?’   this is a person looking to be annoying. So don’t answer.

Think of it like this;  when someone asks you a question out of nowhere, why?

Would you walk up to a person you don’t know and ask this question?

If you’d been sitting there, talking about Star Trek with the person for the last few minutes, it’s a reasonable question.  But to pop up and ask, without saying; “My favourite epi is…. what is yours?”  means this is a troll.

Use this pattern for everything.


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