Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 4 (b)

There are people who post pictures of their house, their car, their children, in a fate tempting  style.   They spill their guts, answer personal questions, in short,  conduct their lives to the extent that you know they are going to Russia for the World Cup.

You know that house and car, images of which they so often posted, will be alone during that time, so if you are a criminal, there is the welcome mat.

If you are a pederast, these children are likely victims.

You can virtually get ‘secret’ information from a Facebook page by some fool spilling his or her guts;   “Here we are at Macs!  Our favourite hang out!”

And one,  looking at a picture can ask, “That blonde looks like Minna..”

And the fool posts, “No, it is Norma.”

And the criminal, aware of the victim’s friendship with a Norma, might use that name to gain particular access.

The possibilities are endless.  By not posting your private life, there are few chances for a stranger to gain your information.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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    • Facebook, Google, other sites, sell info to advertisers. There are certain ‘key words’… for example if you write an email and mention ‘autism’ you’ll see ads all over the place about autism.

      Others harvest emails.

      What is wise is to use a Nick, get an email account under the Nick, and let the rubbish pile up.

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