Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 34

If you join  Facebook using an alias, masking your truth, it will not know who you are, what sex you are,  where you are.

The ads and fake news  will betray themselves as scams.

Suppose you are a 38 year old woman living in Barbados, but Facebook thinks you are a man living in Louisiana.

When you get those invites from ‘hot’ Russian gals, when you get those American political Ads, when you are told that your package is ready, you know these are scams.

There are many scams, from inheritance to investment to invitations.

That 38 year old Bajan woman doesn’t have to ponder if this is real or not, she knows it is fake for the person to whom the ads and scams are directed, doesn’t exist.

Using your full real name and address,  allows the advertisers and scammers to be precise, so that you could fall for their hype.


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