Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 28

Troll Wars

Doesn’t matter where you are online, you’ll always meet Trolls.

Your response depends on what you want.

As I mentioned before, on sites where you are PAID for every view and comment, start the pop corn now, and keep pulling the tongues of those attacking Trolls.

Post whatever you can to get them attacking.  They are working for you.

On sites where you are discussing a topic and are being attacked you have a number of choices;

1.   Ignore the Attack

2.   Respond to the Attacks

3.   Leave the Site

4.   Create a Dual who will join with you in the responses to the Trolls.

Sometimes 4 is the most fun.   You1 posts, and are attacked, You2 posts to You1  dismissing the Trolls and furthering the topic.

With   You1 and You2 both hitting the Trolls, they will usually run away.

In a number of cases the Trolls are merely one person with a dual a triple a quad…. for example;  on a particular site there was crzygrl and sckgrl and wldgrl… all the same pathetic loser.

Each one of her Trips would attack a user.   If you have duals or Triples, you attack her back.

A fine time is had by all.

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