Customer Order Tracking Is The Key To Achieve Elevated User Experience

Ever since the introduction of the digital pro world, we have seen a gargantuan change in the way the natural proceedings take place. Today let us talk about one such change. Let us talk about the transformation of traditional business to various e-commerce platforms.”

E-commerce has provided a platform to the traditional brick and mortar start-ups to pave their way into the gigantic world of online commerce. Let us see how this transformation is helping them to attract a larger user base. And with that, let us also explore a sure shot technique to elevate the user experience.

Traditional businesses are now getting a better idea, to customize the users’ experience, in order to woo the masses. With the changing times, it is necessary to implement the changing strategies. A lot of e-commerce portals are now making the most of the technologies, that deliver seamless customer experiences. They know the benefit of moving the development in a direction that compliment’s buyers’ preferences, tastes, and choices.

So let us broaden our horizons and get to know about a topic that clearly influences the customer experience. Yes, we are talking about the order tracking system.

For e-commerce, choosing a specific order tracking system is necessary to amplify the buyers’ experience. So let us find out its role in enhancing the buyers’ experience. Keep reading further in order to know how it impacts the process.

What Is Order Tracking System? 

This system allows the buyers to draw information regarding their order. With that, it also provides insights related to the delivery of their package. Online shoppers have a glut of questions revolving in their minds, especially when it comes to the final delivery of the product.

Take a look at the set of questions, that users are always eager to ask:

  • Is the product out on delivery?
  • Is the package still in the warehouse?
  • When exactly will the package be shipped for delivery?
  • How long will it take to reach the location?
  • Where is the product at present?

If you can find a way to answer these questions your business will be able to enhance the customer experience. But to answer these questions online platforms need to have visibility across various fields. For example, different channels, systems, and processes. Having a feeble source of knowledge is dangerous. For users, the information about the package’s delivery is not enough at all. It is because all of them want a detailed set of information related to the delivery of the product.

They basically want to be able to trace and track the product from start and till the end. In order to meet the requirements, a customized, integrated and immaculate system is needed.

What importance does the order tracking system hold?

It is basically a key component for enhancing the experience. It lets the online stores to serve their customer base in a better way by providing accurate shipping information. This helps online shoppers to grow their trust and dependability. You can use a form builder to create online forms that are secure and user-friendly to produce a clean order tracking form that customers will find easy to fill out.

Trust and dependability are the two factors that are necessary for the retention of the audience.

How can one amplify the buyers’ experience through custom order tracking?

The solo technique is to enhance the users’ experience, is by delivering them something out-of-the-box. Being exclusive helps the business to maintain engagement. Check out the features mentioned below, which can be changed as per the platform’s requirements.

Order tracking information

With a large number of changes in the buying pattern, users just don’t want a set of usual details regarding the delivery of their goods/ services. Buyers generally want so many details. To be precise, they want almost every information about the products or services that they are buying. They require e-commerce platforms to share live updates of their package, that too at every stop. It is mandatory to inform users when the order has reached the warehouse, city, or is out for delivery. It might not seem like a bigger issue but it is actually very important for order tracking information. Let us see how.

Every little detail helps buyers to remain calm and tension free. This is because they know that their package is out for delivery. Buyers turn a bit off if they don’t have an idea about when the package is going to reach them on time.

Informing them leaves a positive imprint on the users’ minds and pushes them to shop for more.

Support details

In an e-commerce portal, support information is a must. As far as deliveries are concerned, we cannot neglect the power of support. If there is any problem or any sort of issue, related to the delivery of a product, the buyers need to be able to easily connect with the support team.

Through this e-commerce platform can gain more trust, which leads towards better retention of the buyers.

Estimated package delivery date 

After finally placing the order, buyers would want a rough idea, about when the package would reach them. Providing the users with an estimated delivery date eradicates the uncertainty that wanders in the buyers’ minds. Especially when they choose online shopping. By integrating an advanced order tracking system, within the online portal, helps to ameliorate the overall buyers’ experience.

White-labeled tracking page

The most important thing that influences the users, is the logo of one’s business. Thoughtful branding pumps up recognition amongst the audience. It is important to optimize the tracking page with a proper brand’s logo, details, and name.

Brand’s logo is important as it adds a positive feel to the customers.


Customizing the order tracking page is non-negotiable. As it has the capacity to bring impactful changes in the development of e-commerce platforms. Tracking the activities of the users, knowing their likes and dislikes, and then recommending them with goods and services, is a great way to amplify the operations. One thing that is important to be kept in mind is that the suggestions need to be made according to their preferences.

The above-mentioned features help the online platforms to ameliorate their user experience with the help of customer order tracking. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is the inclusion of order tracking feature. Make sure that you reach out to the experts for the same.

But till then stay tuned to this space for more information.


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