Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Trends                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 by – SEO Expert India

Technology is getting advance at a very fleeting rate and as marketers or business owners, it is indicating that you persistently need to be aware of the backmost developments, changes and be prepared for change at any time. But not only technology but the audience also wants updates.

If you’re really want to make a real impact with your marketing content and get results.  Then it’s essential to stay on top of these things.

Content creates a bridge between your brand and customer. It can be good ROI for your brand and bring customer to buy your products or can destroy your brand’s reputation totally.

If you want to get connect with your audience genuinely and practically. Use Content Marketing to build relationships and start selling, your results will definitely get a boost. Content marketing is challenging especially if you’re just starting out and if you need assistance, Catherine Nikkel can help you with that. She’s an expert content strategist who has helped many brands transform their marketing materials.

Some content marketing trends that you really can’t ignore:

Voice Search Optimization

If you’ve not yet heard about voice search, you might be getting surprised that how popular it actually is and how many people started using at regular basis.

Search gives us impactful changes, and as marketers you cannot ignore the power of voice search. Fortunately, optimizing for voice search can be straight forward advantage of improving your overall SEO.

Video marketing

Video is unpredictably growing as a component of digital marketing; only YouTube having more than 1 billion users. If you are making long format video then it could be helpful to try out making video for Instagram and Facebook Stories and short videos of 60-90 seconds. Short videos are getting viral everyday on social media. The smaller your video gets, the more you get the hype.

Influencer Marketing

It is well know term. Influencer marketing help to give you brilliant boost and create hype for your business. All you need is to associate with an influencer who has good social media following and market reputation. Working with influencers can increase the reach of content Instead of collaboration with your influencers for promoting your brand on your channels; you can invite them to create content that is displayed on their own.

Authentic content (No Click-bait)

78% of the companies think that their relevant content has increased their sales of product.

It’s just very simple; make your content authentic and genuine. Consumers and audience are getting smart at avoiding click-bait, and they’re seeking for real content that can help solve their problems easily and quickly. They want you to gain their trust.


Content Marketing is taking a big step forward in terms of technology and UX. While it’s important to invest in current content trends, it’s vital that content marketers continue to build on a solid foundation of quality content aimed at target audiences.

Since your content isn’t planning to market itself, it’s you got to watch out of it.

Publish content that can be updated, reused, and republished no matter what trends fall in and out of favor with your audience.


Gautam Sharma

(SEO Expert in India)


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Written by Gautam Sharma

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