Consider the 5 Things when you Buying Laptops

Just like other devices in the home, laptops have a particular lifetime after which they need upgrading with novel ones. While you can find refurbished and used laptops on particular classified site, it is advisable to buy new ones since it will have aspects like; latest hardware, latest operating system, guarantees and warranties for damages, and peace of mind. In many laptop buying guides, you will realize that technologies become obsolete fast and upgrading your laptop may not be enough. It is just a matter of time and you will again require a newfangled laptop for what you need.

Go for branded laptops

The market could give you several unbranded and assembled laptops and you are an expert or geek, it makes sense to either choose unbranded or branded ones according to your needs. However, if you are a newbie, it is advisable to choose a branded laptop.

Nevertheless, if you have plans of using the laptop to watch movies, laptops for games, and for other tasks like burning CDs and editing videos, you may choose a laptop with better and higher configurations. You may have expensive laptops for graphical tasks. It is important to identify the end user since it will have a bearing on the price.

The reason is that branded laptops come with better terms and conditions of warranty and guarantee, if you are a newbie, you will have a tough time to repair and service your unbranded laptop since there may not be service centers.

End-use purpose is crucial 

The main task for buying laptops should always be born in the mind. In case you have plans of doing basic tasks like using Microsoft office, browsing the internet, or checking emails, a laptop with ordinary configurations is sufficient. Nevertheless, if you have plans of using the laptop to play games online, watch movies online, burn CDs and edit videos, you may have to choose a machine with better and higher configurations. Identification of end use is crucial as it will have a bearing on the price you are paying for the laptop.

Do not compromise on configurations and features

Technology is not static and keeps changing rapidly. Over the last ten years, the number of people owning laptops has been on the increase. There are examples where technology has been seen undergoing transformation into more sophisticated and better forms. In the current high tech world, laptops need to have at least 1GB Ram, the processing speed of 1.5GHZ, and a hard disk of 500GB. This is crucial because buying something with fewer configurations could make your system become obsolete and impossible to upgrade. New updates of the software may ask for higher memory and the laptop may find it hard to hold them.

Choosing Between HDD and SSD Disks

Selecting the right hand is crucial to the performance of your system. So as to make it easy for you to choose the hardware suiting your requirements, you need to know the advantages of each type of disk over the other. The prices of HDD are reduced with time and make more sense to buy HDD based laptops when you have a small budget. However, if you are a gamer or your apps are resource hungry, then going for the SSD is the best bet for you.

The number of cores

It is common to come by terms like quad core, dual core, and single core. These are processors when it comes to laptops. The more the numbers of cores the faster the functionality of the laptop; it will enable you to work on different applications minus efficiency and speed is compromised. One has to remember that when there are more cores in use, laptops tend to be faster. Therefore, when deciding on the laptop to buy, do not just imagine that if it has the label i7, then it must be faster than i5. Check the CPU performance and benchmarking so that you make a wise decision.


Since there are so many laptops, do not start getting carried away and start buying something you do not need, for example, if you have two hundred thousand and you want a laptop for using social media or sending emails, do not burn all that money on a very loaded laptop. Many laptops are similar from the inside, for instance, when storage or processing capacity is similar, there is no difference in pricing, therefore, look for a machine with the better appeal, longer warranty, and durability.


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