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How To Check Your Favorite Sites’ Global Ranking

Nowadays, if you’re not familiar with the sites you have visited, you may begin to get qualms if those sites can be trusted or not. You may even think of hacking your personal details, or may get confused whether that site has attached malware or spyware.


Thanks to, with this site you can check your favorite site’s status, whether it’s good or can’t be trusted at all. Obviously, if this site you have visited has a big jump from its previous rank and its global ranking is whooping high, then that site is good. You may not need to worry because certainly others did. is a California-based company that provides commercial web traffic  data and analytics. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of


In synonymous to this, is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company that was founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos and is based in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization.

I have here a countdown of 20 sites that I often visited including some blogsites, and other popular sites, to help you know their global rankings recently.


You’ll be surprised of their rankings worldwide.





GR – Global Ranking (worldwide site’s ranking)

RU – Rank Up (the number of points they ascend from previous ranking)

RD – Rank Down (the number of points they descend from previous ranking)

Note: Monthly Unique Visitors’ Metric was based past 30 days. Recent updates was last June 7, 2017


Reference Site:


#1 (GR : 4,525,225 RU:4,969,557)

Ranks 4,525,225th worldwide with a whooping 4,969,557 rank up points. A blogging platform that is based in London, and pays in pounds.
They just started at the last quarter of 2016.

#2 (GR: 2,195, 409 RU: 509,845)

Ranks 2,195, 409th worldwide with 509, 845 rank up points. A blogging platform that works like Rabadaba.

#3 (GR: 963,144 RU: 3,776,336)

Ranks 963,144th worldwide with 3,776,336 rank up points. This blogging platform that we used to blog and visit everyday is not more than just 2-month old, but we rise that rank up points for over 3 million.

#4 (GR: 510, 761 RD: 74, 085)

Ranks 510,761st worldwide with rank down points of 74, 085. The reason why they got that rank down is that they change their payment system and their blogging platform is moreover on pets' photography.

#5 (GR: 241, 469 RD: 74, 403)

Ranks 241, 469th worldwide with rank down points of 74, 403. This is a pay per view image sharing platform that some of bloggers often enjoyed sharing their captured images.

#6 (GR: 48, 560 RD: 18, 417)

Ranks 48, 560th wordlwide with rank down points of 18, 147. This is a revenue-sharing article-writing site. In 2010, the site consisted of 1.5 million lenses (articles) as of October 2010.
On August 15, 2014, founder Seth Godin announced that HubPages had acquired Squidoo.

#7 (GR: 21, 337 RD: 14, 6600

Ranks 21, 337th worldwide with rank down points of 14, 660.
Formerly my blogging platform where I enjoyed writing blogs, but due to their recent discontinuation of payments to their respective bloggers, some signed up here at Virily, others went to Tuetego, etc.

#8 (GR: 9, 480 RU: 8, 378)

Ranks 9,480th worldwide with rank up points of 8, 378.
One of the best blogging platforms today, and their payment system was based on digital currency called Steem, that works like Bitcoin.
I just signed up here but don't have my first blog yet.

#9 (GR: 5, 913 RD: 2, 091)

Ranks 5,193rd worldwide with rank down points of 2, 091.
It is a user generated content, revenue-sharing website founded in 2006. The company acquired its main competitor, Squidoo, in 2014 and moved from a single-site to a multi-site business model in 2016.

#10 (GR: 464 RD:25)

Ranks 464th worldwide with rank down of 75. This is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name.

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