Cell Phone Addiction – 19

There is a world that exists beyond cell phones.   A world where you can be on your own, talk to people around you, see what is happening, in  real time.

What stops you is fear.

It is not the easy lie;  “I might miss an IMPORTANT call…”

How important is your important?

In ancient days, you would go to work at 9 and leave at 5.   Now, with your cell, the Boss can call at 4:46 am to tell you about some meeting or some job.

In ancient days, your friends could only call when you were at home.   If they felt like chatting at 2 pm and you were away from the land line,  they couldn’t talk to you then, they had to wait until you got home, and you answered the phone.

Now, when ever it is convenient for them they can call.   You have no convenience.  Whether you are driving, talking to someone, in the midst of an activity, they  RULE, because, as a slave you must respond to your Master, the Cell Phone.


What do you think?


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