Cell Phone Addiction – 11

Addicts,  alone with the Smart Phone, make entries that they wouldn’t do if they weren’t terrified of their own company.

Whether posting images which are  porn or near porn, whether giving too much information,  whether talking personal and private as they walk through a crowd, the fact is, people are less careful with what they post and say into a smart Phone than they are sitting in their room, using a computer or land line.

This is because, holding the phone in their hand or having those ear phones in their ears, they feel safe as if hold a teddy bear or security blanket,  or in mommy’s arms.

The Smart Phone is their best friend, maybe only friend.   It is the partner they don’t have.  The parent who isn’t there, the protecting angel.

It is not just to communicate,   the Smart Phone it is a diety or a magic wand to the addict.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar