Why Budget Dedicated Hosting is Good for Your Web Presence?

Among the more critical infrastructure elements for any commercial enterprise is reliable web hosting. Prolonged availability, steady performance, and guaranteed protection are indicators of a proven hosting service. This is also the reason why most large organizations desist from shared hosting, which is typically the default hosting choice. That said, a shared server is soundly beaten by a dedicated server when it comes to safety, uptime, and reliability.

The below explained points offer reasons as to why even a low cost dedicated server is a superior choice for companies that need a dependable hosting service.

1. Dedicated = Yours Alone 

A shared web hosting, though significantly less expensive, compels you to split server resources with different websites. The drawback here is that your bandwidth can be throttled or your website slowed down because of other websites’ activities. You’ll need bandwidth monitoring services to monitor such activities and take necessary steps to address issues with bandwidth usage. With even a very cheap dedicated server, only your website occupies the server space. It’s akin to driving on your own racetrack vis-à-vis the public highways that are shared servers. Even a budget dedicated hosting enables you to run any utility or program needed for your business minus any worries about bandwidth regulations, server slowdowns and most significantly, safety troubles.

2. Unparalleled safety

The rationale behind why dedicated hosting continues to hold sway even as shared and VPS hosting are becoming more popular by the day is safety. Since you don’t need to share server space with spammy or malicious websites, the hazard of being trapped in an ‘awful neighborhood’ is removed. And if your business handles sensitive information, safety is anyway your number one priority. For example, shared hosting networks are noncompliant with PCI DSS, a compulsory requirement for any merchant wanting to receive card payments over the internet. Dedicated hosting also offers the best security against spyware and adware.

3. Overall Performance & Reliability 

Your site’s real-life performance (like how fast it loads or how it handles large visitor volume) is connected to how visitors interact with your site. Shared servers, for instance, will usually be incapable of dealing with a heavy and continuous load of visitors. This may slow down your site and disappoint visitors. Furthermore, shared servers are less reliable since their resources are distributed among various sites. These resource restrictions can cause server downtimes, which can lead to accessibility problems for your site.

With dedicated hosting, you enjoy exclusive access to your server’s resources; which means minimal downtimes. And if you choose managed dedicated hosting, even the server’s upkeep is taken care of by the service provider.

4. Higher Scalability

This is among the greatest benefits of dedicated hosting. It denotes the capability of scaling up any resource when required. Once your website starts receiving a large amount of visitor traffic, you’ll require more resources. Adding more resources with dedicated hosting is simple and you don’t even need to migrate your website to another hosting service provider. The entire process is straightforward and is executed while keeping your website up and running.

5. Tons of Customizations

This is yet another factor that tilts the balance in favor of dedicated servers. Dedicated hosting allows you to configure your server in the way you want. You choose the CPU, RAM and disk space you need. Further, you also decide which software program and operating system you want to use. With shared website hosting, you’re stuck in an ecosystem that comes pre-installed. This eliminates any opportunity for customizations.

6. Discrete IP address

To fathom the benefit of a separate IP, consider that in shared hosting there is the possibility that your website might need to cohabit with another website indulging in suspicious activities. Because there’s a common IP here, there is a chance of your website getting blacklisted due to the other dubious website. This damages your website’s popularity by hurting its ranking on search engines. With dedicated hosting, your website is protected within a virtual fort.

Are You Better Off with Dedicated Hosting?

The simple answer would be yes. In case your enterprise is new, it’s more than likely that your operating capital is restricted. This makes VPS hosting come across as very tempting. With time, however, your business will grow and so will your website traffic. With dedicated hosting, this rise can be dealt with in a much better manner compared to shared or VPS hosting. Furthermore, if yours is an e-commerce enterprise, dedicated hosting is a must because of the mandatory payment protocols.

With the tremendous progress of e-commerce, there’s been an equal rise in options for budget dedicated hosting. If yours is a commercial enterprise, even an inexpensive dedicated server is far better than the costliest shared hosting or VPS hosting.


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