A smartphone is an apex above all digital technology being used these days. With the small size and handy tools, you can’t go easy with it. You process a huge amount of data every day on our phones. You share stream and exchange information.

You can’t trust people with your phone or you can’t be sure if the other person might not snoop your data. In order to avoid the data breaching process, you should lock your phone. The pattern lock is pretty easy to break. It’s better to shift to the phones with Fingerprint, IRIS, and Facial Locks.


Using strong mobile authentication technology can help you with reducing the risk of data hacking from your phone. The strongest authentication method used these days is the bio metric mobile authentication that enables the user with a secure interface.

Smartphones have replaced the laptops efficiently and sothey accept the same broad network and access data similar to the notebook.Thus, they need the same level of security you might consider installing for your laptop.

Gone are those days when the username and password was the only source of keeping your data safe as the rate of malware and data breaching was increasing hastily. Technology has evolved pretty drastically and people do need document security solutions. In order to lighten the dark world of data breaching, biometric mobile authentication methods have joined the path.


Biometric authentication technology is based on an individual’s physical characteristics that make it difficult for an attacker tocopy an external’s identity. Following are the types of biometric authentication services available in your smartphone;


Voice recognition works in a manner of comparing the user’s voice with the sampled voice that has been recorded and stored in the system.The smartphone matches the voice with the recorded voice to see if the voice is authentic or not.

No hard and fast technology or separate equipment is used for this. Your smartphone’s microphone is used to record the voice and pivot if there is any change in the tone of the user’s voice.

To be very true voice recognition technology is accurate but somehow it has issues related to it. A person in a meeting cannot access his phone because it will make him speak and that will go against the ethics of sitting in the meeting room.

In case if the user wishes to change the voice note he/she must set an alternate username and password or PIN to match the passphrase.


Fingerprint authentication is known as the highly secured one among all biometric authentication methods. Being the oldest and accurate one it has minor chances of letting your data get snooped. Every individual on this planet has different physical features that make it unique.

Smartphones use the touch screen facility a couple of years ago and with its evolvement, the manufacturers have utilized the finger printing facility very smartly. From swiping your lock screen to moving each finger across the index, everything is done with the fingerprints.

Swiping to unlock the smartphone requires a registered fingerprint of one or two particular users that will allow them to access the phone. This biometric authentication method is being used in many other fields as well and has turned out to be the most profitable and efficient one in terms of protecting your device from others.

Some big smartphone companies also offer an external fingerprint reader to facilitate the biometric authentication for other purposes. In case you wish to transfer your data or exchange information this external tool can be really handy but it is commonly used in corporate sectors.


Facial recognition technology is a very unique tool among all biometric authentication requires no hardware or tool to attach but it works with the simple front camera in your phone. The user has to capture a picture that is stored in the smartphone’s memory and every time if the user wishes to unlock the phone he/she must place his face in front of the phone so it matches the features and characteristics.

It works with measuring the nodes and slight features that differentiate you from other people. Identical twins cannot even unlock the phone with this feature.


There is no iris biometric authentication method available for smartphones for now gone are those days for praising and going crazy for action movies with iris tech. Because with the new tech and advancements being made day-by-day the smartphone companies will soon launch the iris recognition facility in the market.

As every individual has different eye structure, the nerves and veins have different complexities that won’t allow the hacker to break in.Iris recognition is also considered as the 100% accurate authentication tech available.


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