Big Data Certification – Is It Worth Your Time?

If you are planning a career in big data, then along with your qualifications, you need to acquire the prerequisite degrees and certifications in the field. If you want to excel in the field. Certification offers you a much-needed edge over the others – whether you are searching for a job or applying for a promotion.

Considering that Big Data has made its presence felt everywhere in the world from booking a train ticket to online food ordering, every day there are chunks of data being stored. This stored data is then combed and cleaned to study the market trends of an organization and find the source of a problem and then to resolve it.

So if you don’t want to miss the flight, then fuel up your resume with the best big data certification and get ready to soar the sky of success.

Decision Time – Which Big Data Certification to choose? 

Now the question, how to decide, which is the best big data certification; which field of big data attracts you the most, and which is more lucrative?

Choose your field basis on the following facts –

  • Go by the courses offered during the certification process
  • Study each of the big data fields like Data analyst, data scientists, or Data Modelers in thorough detail, then make a decision.

There is a high demand for both data scientist and big data analyst. And as the big data field is on the steady rise the recruiters/employers have upped their searching game are seeking candidates with big data analytics certifications to bridge the skills and demand gap.

Big Data Certification – Importance And Benefits 

Given the fact, certifications are a third party validation from a source that is expert in the field. Certifications add weightage to your resume. They help in validating your knowledge, skills and qualifications, at the same time assuring a prospective recruiter that you are dedicated to your profession. You are also ready to upgrade and update your skills from time to time.

But validation is just one part of ‘why certification is important’. Here are the other important reasons to go for certifications.

Big Data certificationthe Benefits

  • Updated and latest tools, trends and practices in the field of big data
  • The big data certification would ensure that your career is calamity proof
  • You would get a head start while searching for a job
  • And if you are seeking that promotion in your organization then big data certification would ensure that you get one
  • Certification help your employers to place their faith in you

Once you have decided that you want a career in big data, upgrade and align your educational qualifications accordingly. You would need to have the following educational qualifications –

  • PhD in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Deep knowledge of programming tools like SAS or R
  • Basic knowledge of Machine Learning and Python

Best Big Data Certifications to Get You Initiated

The market is flooded with the big data certification bodies and you need to choose wisely. Because it is important to get the certifications from reputed certification bodies like Hortonworks, Coursera, IBM Big Data Certifications, DASCA and SAS certifications. Each of these certifications are highly recognized and teach latest in the big data industry.


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Written by Lucia Adams

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