Best Social Media Management Tools for Business To Improve Social Marketing

Social media is quite common these days to market products, connect to current customers, promote brands, and foster new business. This way you can expand your business and the various social media analytics helps you to gather data from blogs and websites. The data is analyzed to make business decisions.

Social media management tools guide you to manage your social media that would gain more visibility to your websites. Many free social media management tools can be used to help you gain more visibility.

They help you with the following:

  • It helps you with brand visibility and let you schedule unlimited posts across many social media channels that have advanced publishing options
  • Make use of social analytics and pre-built reports to understand your post’s performance
  • Monitor the conversations that are relevant to your post

So, how to stay on top of all social media marketing tasks? Right from content creation and publishing to analytics and reporting, it is quite awesome to think all the tasks that a social media marketer to complete per day. Nowadays top digital marketing companies also use these social media tools to synchronize their work. This can be achieved by using the best social media management tools available. These tools help you to restructure your workflows, saves your time, and make sure that your content reaches its target audience.

By having many social media management tools, this article lists you few best social media management tools that would be best for your business.

  1. Buffer – This is a streamlined and innate social media management platform that is trusted by businesses, brands, individuals, and agencies. It helps to drive meaningful results on social media. It is highly refined to help social media marketers and teams to work more efficiently and effectively. Buffer’s unique value is that its report is clean and is also a friendly tool that provides timely support to its customers.
  2. Hootsuite – This is indeed the biggest social management tool that is used by millions of people and big companies. The main reason for its success is that it is an all-in-one platform that permits you to schedule and curate content, measure social ROI, run various ads on social media, etc. Hootsuite’s unique value is that it is a comprehensive platform and it monitors multiple accounts and keywords connect with more than 35 social networks. It also bulk-schedule social media posts.
  3. Sprout Social – This tool is a unique one that combines many social media tools into a single platform right from scheduling social media to monitoring to reporting. It also provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature. It maintains a complete profile of your customers that helps to you connect with them deeper. Sprout Social’s unique value is its incredible reports. Many social media managers have found the reports quite useful for business decision.
  4. Agora Pulse – Yet another popular social media management tool, Agora Pulse is an all-in-one tool that is best for features like scheduling, responding, and reporting. Its unique value is endless. Few of them being, Facebook contest apps, competitor analysis, etc.
  5. Sendible – The best social media management tool for agencies having many clients, Sendible provides excellent features for social media. It allows you to customize your dashboards as per the branding to get more clients. Its unique value is that it has some impressive integrations like the royalty-free image search, the Canva graphics editor, and YouTube search. It issues some automation for those customers who need to perform some repetitive tasks quite often.
  6. eClincher – Similar to the other social media management tools, eclincher tools allow you to schedule and publish posts, analyse your social media performance, and respond to social messages. Its unique value is that it makes use of smart queues and RSS feeds to enable your auto-post. It contains a media library for your images, and you can search for social media influencers.
  7. Social Pilot – This is a simple and profitable social media management tool mainly helpful for teams and agencies. Social Pilot fits it many social media management tools like scheduling and analytics into a single dashboard. Having excellent client management features, it is a fantastic tool for agencies that work with multiple clients. Its unique value is that its curates and suggest content from many industries that would best fit into yours. Its white-label reports generated are quite convenient for agencies.
  8. CoSchedule – This is a powerful marketing calendar that manages many aspects of your marketing. Using this tool, you can manage and work together with your team to create your social media activities like posts, events, content, and tasks. Its unique value is that it is an excellent tool for marketers who wishes to organize their entire social media projects in one place.
  9. MavSocial – This is a streamlined social media management tool that has a focus on visual content. Its unique value is that it has a digital library where you can use, manage, and edit multimedia for your social media posts.

Social media management tools come with various features and based on your needs you need to pick up one for your business. There are, in fact, many free social media management tools available. You can choose one from there if you are too budget-specific for your business.

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