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Best Online Sites To Learn PPC Course

PPC is the model of internet marketing that stands for Pay-Per-Click. In this model, you are buying the visits instead of earning it naturally. In this post, you are going to learn about the best online sites that provide you PPC Course. Using the course, you can attain good knowledge about the PPC process which further helps in marketing. These are the best online sites for availing PPC course:

The Simplilearn is one of the leading certification training providers. They provide various type of online courses like PPC Course, cloud computing, Digital marketing, project management, data management, etc. The advance PPC course will help you to transform into industry ready Marketing professionals. The Simplilearn provides users with a structured learning path which is especially recommended by industry experts. The designed PPC course of Simplilearn will help you to master pay per click, conversion optimisation, web analytics and display advertising. Even, you also gather various project experience that will prepare you for the paid marketing initiatives.

The is an online learning platform that provides various online courses like software development, design development, on different business topics, etc. Moreover, LinkedIn is the parent site of the Lynda. The Lynda website holds its expertise in the expert-led training, and this makes it the best website for the online courses. Over the website, you can avail the PPC courses from beginner level to advance techniques. The courses that focus on PPC covers almost everything like sophisticated methods, auditing and structuring of accounts. You avail the courses over Lynda by just paying $19.99 per month. In this package, you’ll get access to over 6,000 courses. It is the good resource to learn and understand about the PPC.


Udemy is the next website in the list of online learning of PPC. It is another e-learning website that provides courses on various topics. The Udemy offers the various courses in the affordable price. Due to which, in 2017 around 11,000 people took their online PPC course. The Udemy website not only experiences good sale of course but also has the rating of 4.5 stars.

The Udemy will provide you with various topics like “PPC utilisation for increasing traffic on websites” or “remarketing the old website of users.” It is the perfect place where you can start about PPC.

Google AdWords

If you want to use AdWords for PPC marketing, you need to consider on becoming AdWords certified. So, to become the AdWord certified you could participate in the certification of the Google AdWord program. During this certification, you will receive the study material that every area of Adwords advertising. It is necessary for you to pass in two exams; AdWords fundamental exam and one additional exam. Both of these exams cost you around $50 each.

Microsoft adExcellence

The Microsoft adExcellence programs provide you with various training videos of various topics like PPC marketing, bidding, ad copy practices, keyword match option, etc. Most importantly, if your pay-per-click advertising platform is Microsoft ad Center then, it’s a good idea to make your adCenter certified by applying into this program. The overall cost that is charge from you is $50 for the certification exam.

Market Motive Courses

The Market Motive is another website that online PPC course. In their courses, you will get two types of offers for online PPC program. In the first course, you can avail a monthly course for up to three months. In the second course, you commit to three months course.

The second course is expensive due to the services which they offer like involvement and guidance of faculty, real-world projects, video lessons, web conference and quizzes.

SEMPO Course

The SEMPO offers courses for the beginner as well as advanced PPC holders. It provides SEO/PPC course, and these courses come into two variants. First one, the former which includes 14 lessons that cost $400 for the non-member. The second one holds 13 lessons and costs nearly $1400. After completing the advanced course, that includes tactics and strategies by the experienced professionals. After that, you will receive PPC certification.


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