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Basic Rip

Most writing scams have an ‘army’ of persons who claim they ‘were always paid!’   Many will state that you were not paid because you ‘broke the rules’.  

That you have no way of checking if they really were ‘always paid’, you accept it.  You don’t ask yourself,  how would an average user know if you broke the rules?

Years ago, a particular site (I’ll call it Factsy) had seven paid Shills.  These persons formed the site with the owner and their job was to run from social network to network to other writing sites and bring in warm bodies.  

They were all over the ‘Net.  Every single publishing site would see them pop on and leave cut and paste comments on dozens of articles.   The comments were something like…”Join Factsy and make ten times what you make here!  Use my reference Number!”

Considering how busy the 7 Shills were, thousands of people flocked to Factsy.   They joined, they posted, they were active.

The site ran well for a few months, then, suddenly, things happened and a number of people weren’t paid.

The next duty of the 7 Shills was to attack and discredit anyone who claimed they were not paid.  

They would gang up on the complainer, discredit him/her, and rope in more suckers.  

To criticize the site,  to state one was not paid,  would garner foul attacks from the 7 Shills and their dozens of Duals so that it simply was not useful to try to warn others that Factsy was a scam.

Factsy used every trick, from playing with the number of views to marking items as ‘low value’ so they would earn less.  

This regime went on until Factsy abruptly disappeared, leaving the 7 Shills unpaid, and looking very stupid.


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