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When Factsy went down, one of the 7 Shills spilled his guts.  He posted what he had done, how he and the others had done it.  He mentioned that he had Duals so that it seemed that Six people were attacking the complainer, not one person using 7 different names.

He made public posts on a particular site, and one of the things he wrote which became the talking point was how there were unpaid Shills who ‘out shilled’.

This may have been shocking in that day, but today, most of the loudest defenders of Scam sites are no more than common users who, getting paid a few times turn into its most vocal supporters.

The willingness of average users to defend a site they know nothing about replaced the paid Shill. No longer did an owner need to take a number of people on board and pay them a virtual salary to run around the Internet touting the site and attacking detractors.  

This job was undertaken by the simple minded.


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