Attention – Scammers claiming to be Microsoft calling you

Yesterday, I almost got scammed. Someone called my home number early in the morning (before I even had my coffee) and claimed to be calling from Microsoft. I am lucky to have taken a lesson of Cyber security in the university so I just smiled and hang up on them. But only to find out that a friend fell for exactly the same scam one day before :(Sad and bad, isn’t it?Things can easily be avoided if you only stay calm and think before you give access to someone you don’t know. So please always, be extra careful who you provide with any personal information and even more, please don’t believe people calling you on the phone.Ask for proof or simply hang up.No one will call you simply like that…Thank you and please tell me if you heard of this scam in other countries too…


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Written by katerinaramm

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  1. I just dont answer period! I let those who call me leave a message and it they dont, then they just dont get a hold of me. I call individuals back who are listed in my phone immediately or if they leave a message, however, those who are not get the end of the stick.

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