Are You Making Sure That Your Internet Connection Is Safe?

One of the hottest topics today is online security and privacy. Many of us have suffered from some kind of internet fraud be it a subscription has come out of our account that we never signed up for, or we have somehow purchased expensive items on eBay or Amazon or some other site that has good for sale. Many of us don’ even realise this has happened until the money comes out of our bank accounts. The threat of your personal details being exposed on the internet has never been more real than today.

In order to make sure your internet is safe device security should be a priority for you. You should avoid accessing websites that require a username and password if you are connecting to the website from a hotel, business, or public internet connection. It is these connections where predatory cyber thieves are lurking to capture your username and password so they can log on to websites that you are member of.

Why Do These People Want To Access Websites I Am A Member Of?

The main reason for this is to see if you have left your name and address on any of these websites. Even better still for the intruder would be when your card details are easily accessible on these sites too. For example, if you a regular watcher of netflix italia catalogo, and an Italian cyber criminal is targeting people accessing this movie site, then it is likely your name and address has been stored on your account.

One great thing about Netflix is that they hide your subscription details even to you by only giving you the last few digits of your payment method. This means any intruder will need to decipher the card number. The one thing that you will be giving away is your name address however. If a hacker has locked on to you, then it will not be long before they build up a profile of you and your internet surfing habits. Eventually the person trying to impersonate you in order to defraud you will get enough information about you to get into your email.

Why Do These People Target My Email?

How many times have you sent your bank details by email? Those emails have probably never been deleted. Therefore, armed with you name, address, and card details, someone can now go out there and defraud you.

How Can I Stop These People?

Visit sites such as where you will be able to get information on how you can make every connection to the internet private. When you are connecting to the internet using this software, anyone that has access to the router you are using to connect to the internet will not be able to penetrate the software’s encrypted connection.

This means every time you connect to the internet, your private information is safe and secure. You will never have to worry about people stealing your identity again.


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