The Amazon Echo Show

My overall rating (after one day of playing)  8

Capability rating (how well does it preform) 6

Upgrade? (not as compelling as I originally thought)

Overall I have two issues with the Echo Show, the first is the speakers are not as good on the Show as with the original Amazon Echo. The microphone and capabilities presented by the device are much better but the speakers are not as good overall. The speakers have a slightly tinnier quality than the original Echo did.

Voice control works really well, the show has more microphones than does the original Echo and the Echo Dot. You no longer have to be facing the Echo when you speak to it, and it still hears and responds. The cool feature (when using Amazon music) is the ability to have the lyrics play on the screen so you can sing along! At our house kind of a Kitchen Karaoke.

Receipts are the next cool thing, seeing what you need, plus seeing someone else make the dish will make it an even more useful device.

Oh yeah, and watching the preview of Despicable Me 3 priceless.

Overall this is a great device if you have an Echo already. This is an even better device if you buy two and give one to a friend. That way you can do video conference calls with your friends and family. I would recommend you get the Echo if you don’t have one, the Echo Show is nice, but as the second Echo in the house, until they improve the speakers overall!

By the way, it is rude to shout Alexa in a crowded Amazon showroom!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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