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Online transactions have become pretty popular and safer in recent times. One of the prominent method used by many online companies to receive the payment from online customers is PayPal account. If you are regular browser, you might have observed that many companies are now accepting the payment from the online customers via Pay pal account. The current article lets you know how to create a pay pal account and pay your money online in more secured way.

Pay pal the information stored in the Pay pal ensures highest level of security against the online fraud. The buyer that uses PayPal account for online purchases will enjoy buyer’s protection for every transaction that is made online using the account. The account holder will even benefit with the refunds for the unauthorized transactions if any. The account holder will even enjoy the flexibility of buying with any desired cards like debit card/ credit card without sharing the card details multiple times.

How to create an account Many of them know about the pay pal account but, still they will be unaware about the process of creating one for them. You can create a pay pal account easily irrespective of the country you live in. This article will guide you accordingly.

You will have three types of pay pal accounts namely personal, business, and premier accounts. You can choose the type of the account depending on your requirements. It is easy for anyone to create a pay pal account if it active in ones one own country. You have to first register and check if your countries name listed on the website. If yes, go ahead registering your details. Once you register your details by giving the authenticate details like email ID and address of communication. Once you get registered with the pay pal by giving these details. To get a verified pay pal account, you have two options. You can either get it verified by adding your checking account or any other bank details or by giving the information of credit or debit card. An e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address stating the same.

Verifying the pay pal account is important because it gives extra layer of protection to all your transactions that happen online through pay pal. When your pay pal account is not verified, there is cap on the amount which you can send to other pay pal account. Though there is no limit on the amount that can be credited into unverified pay pal account, you will face the problem while withdrawing your hard-earned cash. Make sure you get your pay pal account verified if you want to reap full benefits of the pay pal account. Advantages If you are choosing business or premier pay pal accounts. You have an option to choose another name to carry out the transactions so, your privacy is highly protected. Transferring funds from registered bank to pay pal account or from pay pal account to bank is easy and happens at free of cost.


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