A Suitcase that goes along with you-American Customer TSA Certified

Many step-by-step travels and long flights carrying suitcase is never been easy and always been a problem. The solution to which a Chinese startup company has pulled out a mobile suit case.

The company named Forward X has developed an intelligent suitcase named Ovis. It has several video cameras, two motorcycles and a powerful computer that drives wheels, which examines the sides under computer vision.In addition to being lost, it can also be searched under GPS system.

Due to powerful motors, the suit case keeps quietly goes along with you on the right or of the left. Due to latest technology built cameras and algorithm, the suitcase runs on its own with owner just like a small child and the maximum speed of this suitcase is 10 kilometers per hour.

In empty condition its weight is 4 Kilogram and completely water-proof. Another important thing is that it can also charge you your smartphone and small electric devices.

The suit case runs safely from obstacles through artificial intelligence, such as barriers, people and table chairs. once charge, it can work for 4 Hour and up to 20 Kilometer. Suitcase can also be controlled by phone app.

It has 96WH lithium ion battery that can be separated,  American customer and TSA and other organization have issued a certificate to this  international travel suitcase

Ovis Suitcase introductory price is $ 800.


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