A.I. – Automatic Idiocy

This is a true story.  

One of my credit cards was rejected at the supermarket.   As most people living in this modern world of artificial intelligence, I have more than one card.  I used the other, then when I got home tried to contact the bank to find out why my card was rejected.

In ancient days if something happened with my card, I’d phone the bank and hear:

“Good Morning One Bank, how can I help?”

“I need to speak to whoever is in charge of credit cards..”

“That’s Mrs. Nicole Garvey, I’ll transfer you…”

And in few seconds I was talking to Mrs. Garvey and she’d take my information, make a check and tell me what happened and why.

In ancient days it was human being speaking live and direct to human being; whether face to face or phone to phone.

That world ended to be replaced by the one of Artificial Idiocy in which you get to talk to a recording.

“This is One Bank.  Listen carefully to the following options; ”  and there are six options, none matching my need.  So I then push 0 to speak to a human.

I am now on for five, ten, fifteen minutes, and if not cut off before someone speaks to me, cut off during.

It took me three hours to get to speak to a human being about my credit card.  Three hours of dialling, being cut off, listening to recordings, until finally a human being took my call.

My card had been ‘blocked’ due to a ‘dodgy’ charge.  

(Please be seated and do not handle any sharp objects)

The ‘dodgy’charge which had my card blocked was a Caramel Ultra purchased at Starbucks.

I admitted I had ordered, drank, and enjoyed the Caramel Ultra so my card was reinstated.

This is AFTER THREE FULL HOURS of trying to get a human on the phone.

Oh for the days of person to person contact!


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