A Brief Guide: Understanding How Web Pages Work

Common terms you will always hear are HTML and website graphic elements. In this article, you will comprehensively understand the meaning of such terms revolving around web design.

One of the questions you might always ask yourself is the way in which the web pages work. Understanding this will give you skills on building your web page. Most of the web development in Dubai services revolves around adding graphic elements, titles, and texts to the web page so that it can work accordingly. The purpose of this article is to provide information on various terms associated with a web page.

Web Page

A web page is a text file which contains the text of the website and HTML tags which provide information on the ways in which the text should be formatted when it appears on the screen browser. The tags have instructions which will inform on the ways in which the page should look when it is being displayed on the page. Such instructions include changing the font color or the size and arranging the columns on the website in a particular way.


HTML means hypertext markup language. This is a language of the computer which describes the ways in which you should format the page. If you do not require any formatting of the text on your website, then HTML is not needed. However, if you need to change aspects such as the font size, include colors and add some graphics, then you need HTML.

Web Browser

A web browser is computer software which plays a great role in navigation. Basically, the web browser does two functions:

  • It gets into the web server when on the internet and requests the web page which will be displayed on your computer with the information which you need.
  • It will also interpret the HTML tags within a web page so that it will display according to how the web page creator wanted it to be viewed.

Web Server

It is a type of computer software which will respond to the web browsers request for a certain page and then deliver the page as requested. It can be viewed like an apartment complex where each of the apartments houses the web pages of individuals.

If you need to store your web page in that complex, you should pay for space. All the pages which are found in this complex can be viewed by anyone from across the world. The one who gives you space is called the host and the charges you pay are referred to as hosting charges.

You can easily carry out an experiment with the web pages without having or using the server. After practicing on creating your web pages, you will probably need to put it out on the server. This will help people who are around the world to view your web page.

Understanding the ways in which the web pages require paying attention to different details. Even if you are looking for web development in Dubai services, understanding the above terms will give you a clue on the person you should hire so that they can complete your web design work.


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