8 Benefits of Using Infographics in Your Content Strategy

For those who are looking to improve their content strategy, the use of infographics may seem like a bit of a miss. After all, haven’t these visual strategy builders seen their golden age already? While it’s true that the digital ear of 2012 was a high point – or a low point depending on who you ask – for this type of content, the infographics of today are a totally different animal. They’re sleeker, more informative, more attractive, and an all-around better content strategy builder than they were nearly a decade ago. Here’s why link building services in Ventura are loving infographics right now:

The Market is No Longer Saturated

Because the fad of overusing infographics has passed, there isn’t as much competition for your viewer’s attention. Journalists no longer cringe when they see a well-constructed infographic, either, so you’re better able to get your message in front of viewers without worrying about seeming like a drop of water in an ocean of infographics.

An Infographic Makes You Seem Like an Expert  

Presenting information via a smartly-crafted infographic will lend an air of authority to your message. Everyone loves to feel like the content they are reading, referencing, and using for the basis of their own presentations are coming from industry experts. Give your content that kind of authority and it will be a magnet for referencing by other publications.

Infographics are Easy to Share  

How many times have you seen an infographic presented somewhere like Twitter or Facebook, with a link beneath or nearby stating where it’s from? These graphics are easy to embed and share. They make your message spread faster and farther than text alone.

Infographics are Easy to Link

One of the biggest benefits of using infographics for your content presentation is that they are easy to link to. This makes it both easier and more likely that major publications will pick up your content for linking – and lead more traffic to your site.

Infographics are Great for Boosting Sales  

People love to see why they should buy a product or invest in a service, rather than just being told. Using an infographic is a great way to demonstrate your value o your potential customers and helps convince them that you’re worth their money and time.

Telling a Visual Story with an Infographic is Easy  

When you want your content to be shared among journalists covering the topic, you need to tell a story. After all, journalism is about covering stories, not products or services. Infographics create ready-made content for journalists to share and use as base information for their own stories – getting you in front of more readers.

Our Brains are Set Up to Process Visuals Better  

The human brain is designed to process visual information – such as images – better than it processes text. While there’s nothing wrong with including text, images are your best friend when it comes to making your message easy to understand for consumers of all languages and reading skill levels.

Your Message is Easier to Digest for Readers with Infographics  

Speaking of skill levels, not all your potential consumers are going to have the same ability to understand and digest the message you share when you rely heavily on text. Using infographics will take your message to more people and help them comprehend it well enough to make a purchasing decision based on what they see.

For more information about how to put infographics to work for your business, contact a link building service in Ventura. A professional in the SEO industry can show you the difference in top-quality visuals and tired clichés so you can be sure that readers love – and love to share – yours!


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Written by William Woods

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