5 Tips for Hiring a PCB Manufacturer

Making sure you get your PCB manufacturing needs met by the right PCB manufacturer is key to ensuring all your needs are met. Purchasing a PCB should not be a question between sacrificing quality for price or speed. Here is a brief checklist that you should follow if you are on the market for a reliable PCB manufacturing source.


This point cannot be underscored enough. A company’s reputation is earned and rarely the result of malicious gossip. The PCB manufacturing operation you work with must be able to handle your order, provide quick turn around and guarantee the quality of their product. If they do not do all three, you should look elsewhere.


Startup manufacturers can do an amazing job, but they also can experience growing pains. If you have the option, you should go with a company who has a tried and true record of successful PCB manufacturing at your level of need. Longevity also means they are unlikely to go out of business, which means you will not need to suddenly find a replacement producer.


Some manufacturers are tried and true and can only produce cookie-cutter PCB’s. You want a PCB manufacturer that can handle your unique needs and will work with you to design pieces that live up to your standards. Making sure the company you go with can handle hybrid or customized PCB production is critical if you are constantly designing new products.


This goes without saying. Whether your PCBs end up in a video game console or part of a military application, you must maintain the quality of your product. That means the PCB you select has to be reliable as well. The PCB company you work with should be able to show you their quality processes and how they can adapt if an unacceptable level of errors is encountered. This should also include data feedback that allows you to examine the efficiency of your design.

Professional Staff

Having a personal and friendly relationship with the staff who do your production is a nice thing, but you want that staff to be professional, first and foremost. From your first inquiry into their capabilities, the company you choose should put on a professional front and maintain it through delivery.

Ensure these five characteristics are part of your PCB manufacturer selection and you will guarantee that the final product will meet your expectations. What else is important in the selection of a vendor? Tell us below.


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Written by Avanti Circuits

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