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5 SEO Techniques That Will Make Your Website Rank Higher in 2019

In the everchanging world of SEO, you need to stay on-top-of-the-game in 2019, even ifit’s at the beginning of the year and SEO strategies are unlikely to change just yet.

Search engine optimization (SEO) keeps your site continually relevant in your business field, leading to effective connections within your industry. According to a recent survey, about 80% of the traffic on the website, is attributed to search query made.

However, many business fail to get the desired result because they start using SEO activities without prior analysis. You can’t rank higher just by keyword stuffing and multiple link insertion. That’s not what SEO is all about. You need to know and follow all the rules.

Utilising technical SEO is also important as it forms the basis for which all other SEO efforts are built. Writing the best content and utilising the appropriate marketing efforts alone will not be enough in the organic SERPs.

Key Benefits of SEO for your business

The benefits of SEO are inexhaustible. SEO helps small business owners to build a strong web presence, which will result in increased turnover. There is more to SEO than just driving traffic to your website if used in the right way.

A SEO optimised website attracts more customers and gives you an edge over competitors who do not have one.

It creates a faster, smoother, and more user-friendly website.

It builds brand awareness and makes you an authority brand in the market.

SEO helps your site to drive more traffic and enhances your online visibility

It is not as costly as other marketing strategies but drives better income within a shorter period of time.

Below are some effective strategies that will help you dominate in the SERPs and rank higher in 2019.

Understand your audience and user content

A high-ranking website is all about the needs of the target audience. Gone are the days when the audience is satisfied with just about anything they see online. Nowadays, they want to be served with the best. They will only keep visiting sites that meet their requirements and fulfill their needs.

You need to learn what your audience needs and focus heavily on the user intent of the keywords they are targeting while developing contents that will draw them in. if you are unable to understand the needs of your target audience, even if your content is perfectly written and optimised, they will quickly move to your competitors.

Focus on personalised results

The audience are impatient and want to find the information they need as quickly as possible. You can boost the odds of your site appearing on answer boxes by simply providing clear and organised answers in the simplest way possible on your site. You may need to change your keyword research. You can also target local searchers by focusing on local SEO, landing pages and listings.

Listen to customer feedback

The opinion of your audience matters since the content you create is for them to use. They determine which products, concepts, articles, blog posts or ideas get shared, followed or funded. So listen to customer feedback to stay relevant. This can be performed in different ways. Pay attention to the comment section, know the posts that get shared the most on social media platforms like twitter, Instagram and Facebook and see your most popular pages on search engine Analytics.

Complete an SEO Audit on your website

When you perform an SEO Audit on your website, it helps you analyse and observe why you’re not generating enough traffic and sales. You can get a company to carry out the analysis or simply do it yourself. Doing it yourself reduces cost and enhances your focus.

SEO auditing also helps you to know your position in the market and optimise all the areas on your website which are lacking. Doing this from the start of your business will keep you at the top from the very beginning. You can use the Audit features of Ahref’s site to determine the parts of your site that need improvement and to know the Domain comparison.

Use relevant keywords

Keywords are important and they must be used in the right way to get enough traffic. You can’t just focus only on writing the best content. You need to use keywords that come naturally. SEO is the only option for the best ROI, and the best technique to utilise in the digital marketing business, is to target the right keywords.

Ensure Your Website is more Mobile-friendly

There has been an increase in the use and dependence of mobile phones, with over 60% of people daily using their smartphones to carry out all their tasks, so, you can’t afford to ignore the mobility factor in your business this year. Be active on your mobile phone and ensure your site looks good on both smartphones and PCs.

A useful tip is to register your domain with high profile web hosting services like , or umbrella cloud to enjoy superior mobile performance and load times.

Optimize your landing pages

A lot of people focus on designing an epic home page and end up neglecting their landing pages. It is important to optimise your landing page as it’s the first page your audience will view and use to make their judgments about your style and approach. Optimising your landing page will reduce the bounce back rate and ensure that you rank high on Google’s search result

A useful tip is to avoid navigation, use informative contents and add a noticeable and clear call to action on your landing pages.

Use Attractive Images and Infographics 

Attract your audience by using captivating images which serve to optimise the information of your content. A picture is said to be worth a thousand words so optimise the images of your blog page. Infographics also can be optimised to grow more traffic.

In Conclusion

Using SEO techniques for your business, regardless of the size of your business, is not an option if you want to stay relevant and have an edge over your competitors in 2019. There are many techniques for different business types, however, these serve as a basis for all types of business in ensuring that your clients and target audience keep coming back for more.


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Written by Megan Sashyl

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