5 Must Have Tools For Freelancers

Freelancing is not as easy as it seems! It requires commitment, hard work, and responsibility of meeting deadlines. However, it does come with its benefits, such as you can freely work from wherever you want, at any time. It’s trustworthy and makes you do what you love.

Thanks to technology for making freelance relatively easy nowadays, yet still a freelancer is always on the go, fixing the budget, making room for more projects as well as collaborating with others when flooded with projects.

There are specific tools a freelancer needs to have before they get started with their work, let’s review them:

1. Google Calendar

One of the most challenging tasks for a freelancer is how each of their projects is relatively different in style, format, or nature. Hence they need to practice discipline every day in order to manage their routine efficiently.

A freelancer should always keep track of their current projects, their deadlines, new projects, as well as payments, and this tool lets you do that. All you have you do is set a date for a particular deadline or for a specific day your payment is due, and this calendar will keep alerting you as the time gets nearby.

2. Grammarly

One of the increasing demands of freelancers is regarding content writing. Websites that are selling specific products require good content writers in order to write for their product in an attempt to sell it.

Grammarly is hands down one of the best yet paid grammar correcting tools. It’s hard to imagine a freelancer who doesn’t use this great writing tool. Even if you’re not a content writer, this tool lets you enhance your writing skills as well as your grammar.

Grammarly helps in fixing grammatical errors, such as punctuation marks, subject-verb agreement, etc. It also can check if your content is plagiarized, The absolute finest thing of Grammarly is how it not only modifies your mistake but makes your writing even more sophisticated and professional.

3. Google Drive

Google drive is becoming increasingly famous and has become almost as famous as Dropbox today, as everyone owns a Google account nowadays. Other than that, Google drive includes other software tools too, such as Docs, Slides, Sheets, that allows you to write content directly on it while providing ample storage to store it.

Similarly to Dropbox, Google Drive even provides you with 15GB of free storage and an option to expand your storage by paying, One of the best things about this tool is how one can install it on their laptop, PC or smart devices and share data with as many people as they require.

4. Slack

It is essential for a freelancer to be clear about their instructions and to know what they’re supposed to do, for which communication is the key.

And If you’re searching for the greatest communication tools, there’s not a better tool than Slack. All big companies are using Slack as a form of communication. It easily lets you chat with team members and discuss projects, without giving any personal information, making it completely safe.

5. VPN

Security has become a huge threat in this world of the internet now, and viruses and hackers have become highly talented at what they do. If you’re dealing with sensitive data, it’s really for a time now to get their hands on all the data. A VPN will help you secure your personal files and data.

VPN is a must-have tool for freelancers, as they need to secure their content, so it’s not accessible by anyone outside.

A VPN also helps freelancers block sites and content that may be able to track your location or other personal information.


If you’re a freelancer, and you do not have these tools with you, we highly suggest you download them ASAP! It’ll take less than an hour till you’re fully equipped with all the essential writing tools you need.


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