4 Surprising Reasons You Might Want to Consider Salesforce

It is no secret that Salesforce stands out as one of the most used CRM systems. Its impressive profile is one it has built over several years. The extensive resources that Salesforce provides its users with come with incredible advantages. For someone who is in the market looking for a well-integrated customer relationship management system, Salesforce is a great option. Why would one arrive at such a conclusion?

Easy-to-use platform

One aspect you will definitely appreciate about Salesforce is its ease of use. You don’t need a deep background in tech and software to take full advantage of this CRM. The simple user interface and extremely intuitive nature make it a top choice even for novices. Unlike other CRM systems, you do not have to worry about occasional coding or constant product updates. Everything fits in so perfectly. The easy-to-understand approach ensures the least of inconvenience.

Amazing functionality

Most people agree that Salesforce delivers a perfect system of functionality. The CRM has all it takes to ensure easy collaboration of data within several departments. The central customer information system and statistical options provided ensure perfect cohesion.

What is even more incredible is that Salesforce can run on several browsers and interfaces including mobile devices, desktops, and even tablets. Many users equally agree that this CRM ensures reliable data security without having to worry about the compromise of sensitive data. The excellent functionality that Salesforce guarantees also ensures the staff has all they require to enhance efficiency and boost productivity.

Extensive user resources

For first-time CRM users, there is need to explore the flexibility, functionality and excellent customisation options that come with Salesforce before appreciating its importance. Salesforce has invested in innovation to ensure users have an exemplary stack of resources to help them obtain the most out of this platform. Through educational blogs, routine webinars, and its YouTube channels, Salesforces offers an extensive array of resources to help users understand the various components.

With a plethora of resourceful channels, customers can easily find answers to most of the hurdles they encounter on a daily basis. If you are new to Salesforce DX for instance, this CRM provides detailed guidelines on the various resources to get you started. With an able customer service, it becomes even easier to walk through some of the common problems.


No one talks about Salesforce without appreciating its app marketplace, popularly known as AppExchange. The platform is easy to access. From there, you can download and install essential applications to enhance the user experience. From the marketplace, you will find various apps linked to major companies such as LinkedIn and Microsoft Outlook. Collectively, they make the integration of Salesforce and other services so seamless and effective.

For anyone who is investing in a CRM, you must be certain that you are putting your money in something that is worth it. You do not want to sink your budget in a software that falls short of your fundamental expectations.


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Written by Eric Reyes