4.11.20 One World Lockdown Insights

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Zinc and tonic water are good for improving immunity system.

Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin Bs, and Vitamin D.

Black tea, green tea, honey, black seed oil, and oregano oil are also good. Moreover, exercise and warm drinks are also helpful.

Blocking single businesses for selling certain retail items. Merchandise have to be coronavirus-related. Zionists don’t want people to spiritually elevate themselves. They want people to be depressed, stupid, and hopeless so that they can control themselves better as submissive stupid slaves to the New World Order agenda.

More people are going out in California, trying to enjoy their life. It is interesting that they let many criminals out of prison, but everyone else have to stay in One World Lockdown.

It is noted that many celebrities, such as Ellen D. and Tom Hanks, are wearing ankle bracelet.

Someone in the live chat on the right of the video notes that apple cider vinegar rids or controls hot flashes.

The World Health Organization ignored America, but helped other countries who got the Coronavirus. And, when USA finally got some test kids, they were working properly. Who is funding the WHO? Bill Gates for his depopulation agenda.


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