The 720 punch KO from Raymond Daniels


Raymond Daniels is one of the greatest kickboxers in the world today.  However, he switched over to mixed martial arts this past Saturday night in the Bellator event in Birmingham, AL in order to make up for the last time he tried to cross over.  Let’s just say that this time the fight worked out for him as he made up a new move in his knockout of Wilker Barrios.

After hitting Barrios with a side kick that pushed him back to the cage, Daniels attempted to finish the fight with his famous 720 kick that he used a few years ago.  However, there was not enough room for Daniels to unleash the kick because he spun too close to his opponent.  He then threw a punch that knocked out Barrios.  The new KO move is now known as the 720 punch.

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