Say “Game Over” to Gaming Chairs

There are many things a “true gamer” supposedly needs to complete their gaming den, home office (for those professional gamers), or whatever space they use to power up and unwind from real life for a while. A computer and or game console with all its accessories is the main attraction, but there is also a shifting focus to the place where you actually sit during these long gameplay sessions: your chair for gaming. And just like the custom LED-glowing skull-themed gaming rigs that power your gaming session, gaming chairs come with their own crazy sense of style.

Most companies who make gaming chairs advertise them to stand out and look cool. After all if you are a professional YouTuber, you might want something cool looking while your face is plastered on the screen. But within the gaming chair market lies a core problem: deceptive marketing. It’s not the style and look that is deceptive, it’s the various claims that companies make stating that their chairs are perfect for long gameplaying sessions.

How can a company prove that a chair supposedly made for gaming is superior to an office chair? Most advertise air holes, various forms of lumbar support, bucket style seats to simulate a race car… the list goes on and on. Most of these modifications put into the design of gaming chairs are just purely aesthetic. Most don’t offer scientific proof that these features of a chair actually prove what they claim to be true. Instead they simply make up facts just to make a chair seem better than the others.

Most gaming chairs on the market are simply designed to stand out from the crowd, usually actual lumbar support isn’t high on the makers mind. They are trying to make a cool looking chair to sell many units. At the end of the day, yes you may find some good and a few reliable gaming chairs. But is it worth it? You will pay a high price with little benefit besides style. In reality, the best deal are the scientifically proven office chairs you can find online. Chairs that have been in use with various companies and offices for many years. Not only will you save money, but you’ll actually be comfortable. Oh, and your back will be supported too. That’s kind of a big deal.

Maybe it’s time to skip the gaming chair, and focus your time and money on the gaming rigs themselves.


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