NBA Stadiums: Choosing The Best Seat

Every sports stadium is different in design. And every seat offers a different view to the spectators. So, the obvious dilemma arises, choosing the right seat. Should you be sitting too close to the court? Or is it better to sit on the upper level? When you go for a basketball game, you wish to have the best view along with the best amenities and that too within your budget. And this article can help you with just the same.

Here you’ll find all the needed tips to decide which seat to choose when heading to NBA stadium.

Seats to be Close to the Action

NBA stadiums offer something that no other sports stadiums can- being up and close to the action. Yes, you can sit right next to the court and witness all the action right in front of you. Moreover, you can hear the players throwing comments on each other, discussing strategies and never miss any action. The best seats to seat (if you like to be close to the action) are courtside center seats in the lower level. Alternatively, you can choose the center seats in the sidelines (opposite to the courtside), if you’re not willing to spend a fortune, but can’t miss the action.

Seats When Bringing the Kids Along

Kids may not always be in the game. So, you need to make sure that they are entertained at all times. Moreover, your kid might be interested in meeting or looking at the players up and close. And believe it, seats behind the baskets in the lower level are the best ones. Moreover, these seats offer you a chance to get an autograph from their favorite players. Since the crash that killed Kobe Bryant and his 13-year old daughter, Lakers’ matches are expected to be more crowded with young audiences. So, if you are a family person and leaving kids behind is not an option, you can score Lakers seats behind the basket in lower levels. And you should do it as soon as possible because you may not find these seats lasting long. Who knows, if your kid is in luck, he/she may get an autograph from BB icons.

When you’re on a Tight Budget

Stadium tickets can be a painful expense on budget-strained pockets. But, the sheer excitement of watching the basketball icons dribble and dunk is all that’s needed to convince you to go to the stadium. Thankfully, some seats offer a good view and that too within the budget. The corner seats in the lower level are often underrated, mostly because you get a diverging view of all the action. But, you can still enjoy all the action close to where it is happening, the budget-friendly way!

Seats that Combine Action & Budget

If you wish to have a complete view of the court but don’t have the budget for courtside or sideline seats, then you can try looking for seats in the upper level. The view from the height offers you sight over the whole court, and that too within your budget. Moreover, as similar to the lower level, you can expect the corner ones on the upper level to be less expensive as compared to the center ones.

In the end, it all boils down to what type of experience you wish for, and what are you willing to pay for the same.


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