Jiri lives up to the hype

Former RIZIN light heavyweight champ Jiri Prochaska came into the UFC with plenty of hype after defeating three MMA veterans in a row.  Instead of rushing into the UFC before he was ready, he stayed in RIZIN for a couple of years honing his craft.

Right out the gate, Prochaska was slated to fight a Top Ten opponent in #7 Volkan Oezdemir.  The fight pretty much went as expected because both guys throw punches that hurt people.  Oezdemir won the first round because he was more accurate and he caught Prochaska with a couple of good punches in the first five minutes.

However, Prochaska sorted things out in the second round by attacking instead of sitting back.  He caught Oezdemir with a one-two combo as soon as Oezdemir’s back was on the cage to put Oezdemir out with 4:11 left in the second round.  What’s the 411?  Do not back straight up at any time when you are fighting.

Prochaska makes his debut at the right time with current light heavyweight champ Jon Jones sitting out over contract squabbles and personal issues.


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