Hakuho wins in his 1000th match as yokozuna

Hakuho celebrated his 1000th match as a yokozuna with a victory on the tenth day of the 2020 July Grand Sumo Tournament being held in Tokyo.  The tournaments are usually held during odd-numbered months, but this one was a restart for the sumo wrestlers because the May tournament was cancelled due to Covid-19.

In this current tournament, he is currently first place in the standings at 10-0 with five more matches to go.  In yesterday’s match, Hakuho easily pushed his opponent off of the platform.  Hakuho thought that this win was so great that he almost left the building.

Based upon statistics, Hakuho is the greatest sumo wrestler of all time.  He is the only sumo wrestler that has amassed one thousand matches as a yokozuna.  He has the most wins ever for a yokozuna as well with 868.  That total alone shows you how long he has been dominant throughout his career.  If you want to witness greatness, then check out one of his matches within the next five days on NHK World TV.

#1 Hakuho remains in 1st place


This win by frontal thrust keeps Hakuho in first place in the 2020 July Grand Sumo tournament in Tokyo.  Fans are being allowed to watch matches.  They sit in every other seat in order to maintain social distancing.  Almost all of the fans are wearing masks because the May tournament was cancelled due to one of the sumo wrestlers contracting Covid-19.


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