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Robin Biznis June 3.2018, Belgrade

Michael Tal Born in Estonia, more precisely November 9 th. 1936 in Riga.

He learned chess by watching his father while he played chess with his opponents.

With twelve years he begins to take part in official tournaments.

He was a journalist, meaning he was a reporter. The Grandmaster was at the FIDE Congress in 1957 year. Talj graduated literature at the University of Riga. He was a member of the Daugava Sports Society, representing Latvia at the Soviet team competitions.

It’s hard to list all the successes he has achieved in a magic game in 64 poles.

Talj has crafted an extremely attacking, aggressive system of games and many chess players regard him as the greatest chess striker of all time. He easily sacrificed figures to gain an initiative and put his opponents in a position to deal with difficult problems for the board in a short time.

I know for an anecdote that some of his opponents put dark glasses on their eyes because they thought Thal had hypnotized them during the chess game.

He was the most beloved grandmaster of his time. Spirited, sparkling, sociable, supporters of life “full of lungs”, a chess legend whose life was marked by numerous counts and events and brilliant victories as the best proof of the victory of the spirit over matter in chess jerks.

For true chess lovers this is one effective end to which Talj sacrifices the queen. Look at the diagram.

1,Te8, Kh7 Black does not want to give the Queen a cannon and then run to the King right in the mattress!

2.Dh6, K:h6

3.Te8 Mat

From July 1972 to April 1973, Talj played a record 86 consecutive games without a defeat (47 wins and 39 draws). Between October 23, 1973 and October 16, 1974, he played 95 consecutive games without defeat (46 wins and 49 rebounds), breaking his previous record. These are the two longest periods without the defeat of a single chess player in the modern history of chess.

Match James Robert Fischer- Michael Tal

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The great sorrow of the chess fan Michael Tal left our game too soon.

Michael Tal died: June 28, 1992, Moscow, Russia


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