3 perfect gifts for a camping enthusiast

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is an avid camper you’re in luck – looking through all the latest gadgets can be almost as much fun as receiving the gift itself. The outdoors industry produces some fantastic new science, fashion, and technology; here are just a few considerations that make for a great gift.

Custom camping apparel 

Now, you may be thinking that hiking boots and winter jackets are very expensive. Luckily, this isn’t what we mean by camping apparel. Websites such as Dzeetee have a wide range of custom camping design gifts that mostly center around custom t-shirts and hoodies. 

Given that the product range is so vast, you can pick out a bunch of naturistic prints that have animal and camping-related designs that you know the recipient will love. Whilst the quality is good enough to actually wear camping, these are more general-use, casual clothing. Custom gifts are a great way to go when you’re looking to personalize the present, so what better way than to have a giant bear with a funny caption on a t-shirt in their favorite color?

Inflatable lounger

One of the most challenging aspects of camping isn’t actually getting a good night’s sleep, it’s the discomfort when daytime lounging. Bringing comfortable chairs is a real pain due to their awkward size and weight. 

Inflatable loungers are a great alternative to fold-up chairs. They’re essentially flatter than a sleeping bag when not inflated but can blow up to at least 5 feet in length and a couple of feet off the ground. These air hammocks can be great for both sitting and laying on, and are extremely easy to inflate (you can use the wind!) – just make sure to not puncture the bottom on rough ground.

Pocket blanket

There are a few pocket blankets on the market, all of which seem to do the job perfectly well. These are basically a feather-light blanket that can fold up into a bag the size of the palm of your hand. 

Make sure to get water and a puncture-resistant one, making it a great tool for campsite picnics. This can keep all of your possessions, and yourself, off of the earth and onto a clean canvas. They essentially take up no space when packing, making them a great gift if you’re not too sure what their packing priorities are. 

Whilst portable grills and cool boxes are fantastic for camping, they’re not necessarily viable for everyone. If you’re unsure about what the recipient likes to pack, or if they complain that they’re on the limit of what they can carry every time they hike, it may be best to opt for a gift with a small footprint. This is why you can’t go far wrong with a pocket blanket, inflatable lounger, or custom t-shirt.

Some honorable lightweight mentions are a high-quality survival knife, a Ray Mears camping book, and a water filter straw or bottle that can turn the dirtiest of puddles into clean drinking water.


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