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2019 NFL Draft Recap – Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are looking to return back to the NFL Playoffs after missing out last season.  To do that, Carolina had to address some issues in certain areas.  First, they had to upgrade their pass rush due to the high-caliber play of QB’s in their division as 3 of the 4 starting quarterbacks in the NFC South have been to a Super Bowl.  Drafting Burns and Miller will now bring some intrigue to the Panthers 3rd down looks on defense.

Next, the line needed to be bolstered because Cam Newton was getting clobbered last season.  Little will vie for a starting offensive tackle spot while Daley will add some depth to the offensive line.  Also, Grier will battle for the backup QB spot.  The QB depth is needed because Newton did not start all 16 games last season like he has done in the past.  Injuries do happen in the NFL, so Carolina should be better prepared on the offensive side of the ball.

Scarlett and Godwin should add depth to the rushers and receivers on offense.  The Panthers love to place running backs and slot receivers in different spots all over the field in order to keep opposing defenses on their heels.

Grade:  The Panthers used their picks wisely.  The only drawbacks were that a taller receiver and some defensive backs were not picked.  I give them a B-.


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